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The Greatest Story ever told is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for God's loving relationship with his creation... us!

All bible stories are copyright free for unlimited, non-commercial use. Children's stories, graphic novels, coloring books, animations, art and more -  all available for digital, print or mobile devices. More coming all the time!



Like Jesus' gift of salvation, everything on Jesusandkidz is free! Please use our work in any form and for any purpose that pleases God. We are supported only by the gifts of those who have the capacity and desire.

Bible Coloring Book #1

First edition of coloring book art based on the accompanying biblical passages. suitable for kids and adults!

Available for purchase on: or for free download: PDF - Coloring Book #1

JesusandKidz Animated Storybook  #1

Many of the same stories available on narrated by children.


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